Alcoholism and Addiction are probably the most misunderstood, mistreated and most stigmatized diseases today. People with alcoholism and addiction are often dynamic, intelligent, kind and responsible in many areas of their lives- multidimensional people with a secret life.

There are already enough barriers to getting the appropriate care for alcoholism and addiction. After overcoming the denial of addiction itself, usually shame and fear of being exposed can prevent addicted persons from reaching out for treatment. Professionals and public figures can find it even more challenging to overcome these barriers for fear of being exposed while seeking treatment – and potentially losing even more by actually trying to get help. In other cases, people can be turned off by treatment because they can be treated with disrespect, or lumped into treatment regimens that are inappropriate for their educational level.

Dr. Mapatwana’s treatment is unique in that it is provided in a modern, intimate, professional setting that conveys the respect that she has for addicted persons. Treatment is personalized, so you will never be seen by a counselor or thrown into a one-size-fits-all "recovery group". No matter what your special circumstances are, Dr. Mapatwana will put together a discreet, evidence-based treatment plan combining different modalities and addressing all of your medical, personal and lifestyle needs.

Rehabs and outpatient treatment centers alike are based on a one size fits all model that lumps individuals into one category – the addict. Most of these treatment centers are for-profit centers run by administrators or counselors with a limited medical background. Even social workers and psychologists who state they are "specialists" in addiction, generally have very limited training and education in the complex psychological and medical issues facing addicted persons. Many places combine low functioning (or even clients that may be mandated for treatment in lieu of prison) with high functioning people together into a one size fits all group that can even reinforce the shame of addiction or turn off people completely who have finally overcome their fear of getting help.

The development of a new specialty - Addiction Psychiatry - allows for all stages of treatment of addiction to be conducted by a private doctor. Dr. Mapatwana’s addiction treatment is provided at the highest level: comprehensive treatment of addiction and alcoholism, in a private, discrete office located in Alberton, Gauteng.

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